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Botulınıum Tx.A


Botulinum Tx.A is a protein based product obtained from a bacterium called C. botulinum. It acts in the muscle-nerve junction in which it is applied and temporarily prevents the functions of muscles. Botulinum Tx.A is applied with very fine-tipped injectors. The application is performed for wrinkles in accordance with the muscular anatomy, beside it is performed for the treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) at subcutaneous level. For this reason, it needs to be applied carefully by experienced and trained hands in order to prevent unintended consequences.

Botulinum Tx.A is one of the most preferred aesthetic intervention in the world. Over the last ten years, the use rate has increased at the rate of 600%.

Facial wrinkles may occur due to the factors such as advancing age, the overuse of facial expressions, stress, intense and exhausting working life.

Botulinum Tx.A is often used to remove wrinkles in the forehead, in the junction of the inner nose-both eyebrows and around the periphery of the eye area (a more vivid and young glance is obtained for goose leg wrinkles by elevation of eyebrows) and around the mouth and neck area.

Botulinum Tx.A removes low and moderate depth wrinkles and prevents them from deepening and diminishes deep wrinkles. Regular applications provide better results. Better results can be obtained by using filler materials to support Botulinum Tx.A in case of deep wrinkles.

Apart from these, it is also applied in the treatment of excessive armpit sweating and muscle fatigue related migraine.



Botox is applied with very fine-tipped, low-pressured injectors. It is performed in form of intramuscular application for wrinkles and for excessive sweating treatment it is applied into subcutaneous localization. It’s not a very painful procedure. With the taken pre- and post-operative precautions, the pain can be reduced further (local anaesthetic creams and cold application). It should be applied carefully to the individuals with poorly functioning muscles and to those who underwent surgery for the eyelid or forehead. It should not be performed in cases of muscle and nervous system diseases that cause strength loss (myasthenia etc.).

Once Botulinum Tx.A has been applied, it starts to affect after 1-2 days, the effect fully shows up within the first week. The duration of action is approximately 6-8 months, depending on the metabolism rate and muscle strength of the individual being treated. Regular applications can increase the duration and power.

Slight bruises and headache may occur in the application area.

Before the application, green coffee, herbal teas should not be drunk and tablets, antiaggregants such as aspirin should not be taken.

It is advised not to have face massage after the procedure, not to be in the hot environment (sauna, bath, hot shower, etc.) and not to position yourself in supine and upside-down position. Heavy exercise and makeup shouldn’t be done for 1-2 days and the area should be protected from sunlight.