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Breast Aesthetics

Probably, breasts are the most complex and controversial organ in woman body.

Breasts begin to grow during the adolescence and become part of the life of a woman and periodically become a part of the body in different meanings and emphasis. It may sometimes represent the definition of beauty, youth, self-confidence, in the other times, attraction, sexuality and plentifulness-productivity, of course in addition to the concept of fertility and motherhood. Perhaps, it is the most important symbolic organ that emphasizes the femininity and aesthetic appearance of a body. This organ, which holds physiological, anatomical and psychological concepts, is very important for the individual. Because of these reasons, aesthetical breast operations are the procedures which require detailed planning.

How is Aesthetically Acceptable Breast Defined?

Of course, this definition may vary from person to person, but we can define an aesthetical image of breasts which is proportional to the body of the individual and compatible with body lines from the point of size and have conic shape from the front view and ideal breasts have drop shape from the side view and do not exceed the fold line and have slightly significant nipple that appears proportional to the peripheral dark area and breast size.

Factors such as advancing age, birth, breastfeeding, gaining and losing weight, diseases (such as breast cancer) and treatments (surgical and medical) result in deformations of tissue and structure of the breasts. In some cases of genetic and hormonal origin, the breasts may take huge, small or asymmetrical shapes by adolescence.

If a woman is complaining about large or small breast dimension or asymmetrical appearance and complaining about the sagging skin or the shape of the nipple, desired natural and aesthetical forms can be created by surgical procedures.

Bra and Cup Size Measurements:

Measuring the circumference of rib cage from the fold line of the breasts gives the bra size (band size). In this measurement, breast tissue is eliminated. The size of bra increases in units of 5 cm. Interval measurements receives an upper unit (75, 80, 85, 90, etc.).

The difference between the values obtained by measuring the breast circumference around the nipples and by measuring bra size gives the cup (bone) value and it is classified as A,B, C,D,DD. Cup value of the bra size is written next to the numerical value (like 75B,80A) and the size is determined.


Bra Values:                                                                 Cup (Bone) Values:

>equal 70cm ______70                                    <6.5cm__  A

71-75______75                                                     6.5-13___B

76-80______80                                                   14-19.5__C

81-85______85                                                    19.5-26___D

90-100______100                                             >26______DD