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Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures

Botulınıum Tx.A

WHAT IS Botulinum Tx.A? FOR WHAT PURPOSE  IS IT APPLIED? Botulinum Tx.A is a protein based product obtained from a bacterium called C. botulinum. It acts in the muscle-nerve junction in which it is applied and temporarily prevents the func..


Excessive Sweating (Hyperhydrosis)

The primary objective of the sweating function is regulating the body temperature. In cases, such as rise of body temperature during physical activity and diseases, sweating starts to function and regulates the body temperature. However, a ..


Hand Rejuvenation

WHAT DOES HAND ASSET APPLICATIONS AND OBJECTIVES? Hands are one of the most noticeable areas of your body. Cold, hot, chemical substances, sunlight, factors affecting the structure of our age negatively. Over time, wrinkles, staining and s..


Applications of Dermal Fillers

WHAT IS DERMAL FILLER APPLICATION? Advanced age, the use of facial expressions too much, stress and cigarette use cause loss of fullness and sagging cheeks, formations of deep wrinkles and cavities around the mouth, between the eyebrows an..



PRP is a procedure of infusion of plasma cells obtained by concentrating blood sample taken from an individual and by converting into a liquid which contains high rate of pure plasma cells and is rich in growth factors to the area requiring..