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Excessive Sweating (Hyperhydrosis)

The primary objective of the sweating function is regulating the body temperature. In cases, such as rise of body temperature during physical activity and diseases, sweating starts to function and regulates the body temperature. However, a specific sudoriparous gland is activated in inguinal and armpit areas by adolescence period and intense and strong-smelling sweating, called phenomenon, arises. And this condition usually has a negative effect on someone’s social life.

Hyperhidrosis disorder is a condition that results in excessive sweating. Most frequently it is seen in hands, feet and armpits. This condition may affect the individual negatively in socal life. In this case, first of all health problems should be examined, if any.

There are surgical and medical treatments to reduce excessive sweating. But they are not preferred due to side effects and postoperative scars.

Since Botulınıum Tx.A application has less adverse effects and can be easily applied, it becomes prominent in excessive sweating.

Botulınıum Tx.A is administered subcutaneously with very fine-tipped, low pressured injectors. It is not a very painful procedure. It starts to take effect 24-48 hours after the administration, its full effect arises on the first week. Depending on the metabolic rate of the individual, Botulınıum Tx.A’s duration of action is 6-8 months in average.