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Hair Fall Treatment


PRP is the procedure of concentrating platelets (clotting cells) 10-20 times more by centrifuging from some blood sample which is collected from the individual with special tubes (class 2b certification) and transferring them into the status, containing 90% of pure plasma cells rich in growth factors and administering them into the target site by small injections. The objective of PRP practice is to ensure the worn tissues to renew themselves and to delay aging.

The blood cells and growth factors inside of it increase the rate of growth and regeneration of collagen tissue and support stem cell development. PRP is a very effective method to reduce shiny, fine wrinkles and to create a firmer, healthier skin and vivid hair. Post-hair transplantation, the application will help stop the current hair loss, as well as provide new hair growing faster and stronger.

PRP is a method of increasing the permanence and effectiveness of other facial and skin rejuvenation practices (such as botox, filler, laser, ultrasound, peeling, and fat grafting).


Why hair transplantation and why Okan MORKOC?

Over time, we usually have loss and aging effects in our skin and hair. Hair loss causes the individual to be perceived as older. This situation can cause loss of self-confidence and unhappiness. This negative perception negatively affects individuals in all areas of life. That’s exactly why the most effective treatment is hair transplantation since hair loss cannot be treated with medical treatments.


In Our Clinic

The latest technology, techniques and equipment, installed in 2003, are used and also specific cold preservation solutions are used for hair follicles and hair transplantation is performed by PRP assisted FUE method. FUE Hair Transplantation OPERATION has achieved a great progress in the recent years, by micro and mini graft applications, they have become the applications with which natural and aesthetic appearance is obtained.