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Hand Rejuvenation


Hands are one of the most noticeable areas of your body. Cold, hot, chemical substances, sunlight, factors affecting the structure of our age negatively. Over time, wrinkles, staining and subcutaneous tissue loss can occur on our hands. These situations affect the person psychologically in the social life negatively. Aesthetic and plastic surgery is also in the process of removing the existing problems.

Hand rejuvenation is aimed at replacing tissue lost under the skin, increasing skin quality and removing stains from the center.

Fill applications (hyaluronic acid) is another option for this purpose. In addition, pure hyaluronic acid injections (Hydrate) are made in the moisturizing process. These applications, which are held four times a week, are provided to protect the youth of the hands once a year.

With PRP method, fine wrinkles in the hands can be removed more. The growth factors from the blood taken from the patient’s own blood are removed and purified and injected subcutaneously. This process allows the tissues to renew itself. PRP applications can be used alone or in conjunction with oil and hyluronic acid applications. Dermabrasion and chemical peeling procedures can be applied as an alternative, often aiming to remove hand wrinkles and fine wrinkles.

These procedures are usually performed with local anesthesia to correct the appearance of the hands, to remove the wrinkles, to have hands and fingers that look more beautiful and younger, and to return to normal life on the same day. The process takes about 30 minutes on average.