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PRP is a procedure of infusion of plasma cells obtained by concentrating blood sample taken from an individual and by converting into a liquid which contains high rate of pure plasma cells and is rich in growth factors to the area requiring it as small injections. The goal of PRP practice is to start the regeneration of the worn tissues to delay the aging.

The blood cells and growth factors in the content of it increase the rate of growth and regeneration of collagen tissues and they support development of stem cells. PRP is a very effective method to reduce shiny, fine wrinkles to create a firmer, healthier skin and vivid hair.  After hair transplantation, the application will help stop the current hair loss, as well as provide new hair growing faster and stronger.

PRP is a method of increasing the permanence and effectiveness of other facial and skin rejuvenation practices (such as botox, filler, laser, ultrasound, peeling, and fat grafting).



The PRP, which is carried out in sessions, begins so as to be at least 3 sessions at 4 week intervals, in order to maintain the positive effect on the skin, it is followed up for 1-2 times a year and the supportive treatment should be applied. The procedure time is 30 minutes. Before the treatment, local anesthetic creams can be applied.

It is an applicable method for anyone who needs it, but it should not be performed for those with very low platelets, cancer patients, and patients with bleeding disorders.



It is required not to drink herbal tea and take herbal tablets, antiaggregants such as aspirin before the procedure. After the procedure, makeup should not be done for 24 hours; the area should be protected from sunlight.

There is no risk of an allergic reaction since it is prepared from the individual’s own blood, after the procedure minor redness, bruise and swelling may occur, however they disappear within a few days.