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What is Hair Transplantation Without Shaving?


What is Hair Transplantation Without Shaving

In today’s world, hair transplantation is the main aesthetic operation men have. FUE hair transplantation operation can be performed while preserving the existing hair without shaving. Male-type hair loss begins with the loss in the curvy areas where front (frontal) and side parts (temporal) of the head combine with each other. In addition, hair loss occurs on the top of the head. It is not necessary to shave the entire hair in cases of such hair loss. Among the thinned and lost hair can be entered by the appropriate approach and FUE hair transplantation can be performed without shaving.

Especially in men, whose hair is at least 3-4 cm longer than the hair of the nape area, only 2 cm area is shaved and the shaved area is camouflaged with long hair.



Hair transplantation without shaving is one of the hair transplantation methods preferred by both men and women, but especially by women. It is possible to perform FUE without shaving in men and women who is going to have hair transplantation for a small area or have enough thinning for hair transplantation.



General pre-operative rules such as stopping or arranging aspirin and other antiaggregants at least a week before the operation, not taking vitamins (like e-vit), herbal products, not drinking green tea, green coffee and herbal teas, not consuming alcohol 24-48 hours before the operation, and if the individual smokes, quitting 3 weeks before the operation and not smoking in the post-operative remission period are valid for the hair transplantation operation.


Why hair transplantation and why Okan MORKOC?

Over time, we usually have loss and aging effects in our skin and hair. Hair loss causes the individual to be perceived as older. This situation can cause loss of self-confidence and unhappiness. This negative perception negatively affects individuals in all areas of life. That’s exactly why the most effective treatment is hair transplantation since hair loss cannot be treated with medical treatments.


In Our Clinic

The latest technology, techniques and equipment, installed in 2003, are used and also specific cold preservation solutions are used for hair follicles and hair transplantation is performed by PRP assisted FUE method. FUE Hair Transplantation OPERATION has achieved a great progress in the recent years, by micro and mini graft applications, they have become the applications with which natural and aesthetic appearance is obtained.



On the day of operation, required analyzes and drawings are made during the assessment. The operation is performed under local or sedation anaesthesia and an average of 5000 grafts-operation takes 4-6 hours. Depending on the number of grafts, the operation time may extent or shorten. The operation consists of three main sessions. In the first session, follicles are harvested from the donor site (nape, chest or beard) by using micro motor, and in the second session, the holes (channels), in which follicles will be placed, are punctured. In the last session, follicles, which have been kept in a cold environment in the specific solution, are transplanted to the new area by the transplantation process. The operation is ended with a special dressing applied during the surgery. The bandage is removed 2-3 days after the procedure during the first wash. It usually takes 5-7 days to turn back to normal life after the procedure. After the surgery, a specific hat is worn. After 4 weeks, hair may shed but hair follicles have already entered the sleeping period under the skin. After 6 weeks, new hair starts to grow and this process is completed up to 1 year. Except walking, no sport should be done for 4 weeks, especially it should be paid attention for not to have any trauma. At the end of 6 weeks, sport activities can be done.